Third Dimension involves in a strategic and stage-wise process of turning needs into web applications or solutions to serve the clients. The methodology used at us takes into account specifics of clients and adds in-house technical expertise to transform them into an impeccable solution.

Stage 1- Defining Strategy

A solid strategy is defined and then designed based on the vision, goals, targets and potential market of the clients.

Stage 2 – Assessment of technical requirements

Based on the needs, the desired technicalities are discussed and then implemented to the specific, project-driven web solutions of the clients.

Stage 3 – Implementation of solutions & resources

Once the functional outline is made, resources are assigned, expertise is deployed to fine-tune designing, development, custom-application or promotional needs.

Stage 4 – Evaluation of the engineered solutions

A follow-through is done wherein the contents, designs and solutions implemented are tested and re-tested to show consistency of actions.

Stage 5 – Quality testing on all parameters

In this stage, every specific element of the web solution is tested by separate teams simultaneously to keep its ingredients coherent to the cause of the business.

Stage 6 - Development of final product

On tested thoroughly, the website or associated applications are put to the final use to that the purpose of the overall process is realized by the client.

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